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Manual Therapy

Soft Tissue Therapy & acupuncture .

What is it?

The main reason for confusion amongst my patients appears when trying to discern the difference between Soft Tissue Therapy and sports massage therapy. Soft Tissue Therapy on a much higher clinical level and Soft Tissue Therapy uses a large variety of methods, one of which is sports massage, hence they are non-comparative. 

My aim is to treat all minor and chronic injuries whether caused through sport or any other lifestyle factor, using massage, other more advanced techniques and acupuncture. I also aim to identify the underlying causes of injury and offer more long-term improvements in physical wellbeing and injury prevention.

What can can we treat?

Lower back pain

Foot, Ankle & knee Pain

Hip Pain

Shoulder Pain

Sports Injury

Injury Rehabilitation

Tennis elbow


Plantar fasciitis


Upper back pain & tension

Postural Correction

Shoulder protraction (slouching

Neck pain & stiffness

Post-operation rehab